Professional Web-Based Accounting

Web Ledger Service Centre TM

The Service Centre provides a secure service centre for your Customers, Casual Employees , Consultants, or Suppliers to access Web Ledger capabilities. 

Web Ledger Service Centre offers the following capabilities:


  • Enter purchase or work orders
  • View Inventory stock levels in real-time
  • Track purchase order status
  • Track Customer Jobs and associated changes in real-time
  • Approve Job timesheets
  • Pay invoices online via VPay ®


  • Enter Job and Expenses directly into Web Ledger Timesheet
  • Submit Timesheets for approval by Customer or Agency
  • Track Timesheet status though to payments.

Casual Employee

  • Enter hours worked into Timesheet for processing via Payroll
  • View Timesheet status though to payment.


  • Handle ATO Labour Hire types and payment rules
  • Auto generate (on a supplier/consultant basis) recipient created tax Invoice for contractor payments.
  •  Consultant Invoice can be generated on Customer Approval and payed via "Pay Bills" process
  • Customer Invoices generated from approved Timesheet details
  • Receive invoice payments via VPay®

Web Ledger Service Centre  will:

Generate more revenue. Service Centre is a nearly effortless way to increase your sales by making it easier for your customers to order the products they need, when they need them.

Improve your sales efficiency.  Service Centre means your customers can order when it’s convenient for them, wherever they are, because you’ll be open for business around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And you won’t have to add costly order desk staff.

Increase customer retention.  By helping your customers increase their productivity, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and give them one more reason to do business with you, instead of the competition.

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your sales order process. Customer orders are entered directly into your sales order processing system, saving your order entry staff time and eliminating the errors that can result from re-entering orders.

Eliminate costly entry errors.  You can eliminate cumbersome and error-prone fax, telephone and mail orders, speeding your response time, avoiding re-entry errors and getting accurate orders out to the customer faster. Direct entry of Timesheet details ensures accurate payments to your contractors, and invoices to your customers.

Eliminate "just checking" calls.  Service Centre enables customers to enter orders and review their order status at any time. This means they can find out instantly whether their order has been processed and fulfilled.

Empower your sales force.  By enabling employees to place orders electronically and securely over the Internet, sales executives across the country and around the world can enter and review their orders at any time and without making you duplicate order entry and review efforts.

Customer can track  job costs, status, and approve.  By providing clients with real-time access to job costing and status, clients can see an up-to-date view of their jobs.  Job status provides access to all job related activities that are assigned to the client. As an employee enters job details, via the Timesheet module, this information becomes available via Job Status. The client will see the accumulated hours and costs, that will be billed at a latter date, as determined by the job settings.

You control customer access via the normal customer, employee, suppler cards, no specialist computer or IT knowledge required. 

The Order status report also remind Customers them when their payment is due, helping keep those collections on track.


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