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Work Orders
Regardless of industry or size, successful organisations must deliver high-quality services that quickly adapt to changes in business climate. Growing small-sized companies are under extreme pressure to reduce costs and expedite service. VillageMall Work Orders helps to relieve that pressure by keeping your service staff informed, connected, and running smoothly. Work Orders will help you streamline service management ordering, assignment, dispatch/onsite appointment management, processing and invoicing routines, and it provides real-time information you need to quickly process dispatch and invoice work orders.  Most important, Work Orders offers quick access to data you need to make the right decisions. Work Orders is fully integrated into VillageMall Sales Force Automation, supporting lead tracking, quotations and conversion into Work Orders and finally into invoices.

Complete detailed history information for all work orders can be displayed using Work  Order History display. Work orders is fully integrated with Web Store, allowing customer entered orders to be processed within Work Order module with integrated approval processing.

 Work Orders provides the following functions:

Customer/Account Management

  • Fully integrated into Web Office CRM, and accounting

  • Export vCalendar appointments to field staff

  • Access customer accounts, even print or email the invoice while onsite

  • Use company wide service items or parts from inventory

Work Order/Job Management

  • Standardised Work Order workflow, with integrated notes for each stage.

  • Supports assignment, re-assignment, and full job costing.

  • Integrated appointments, for onsite activities

  • Remote access is integral to all VillageMall applications

Quoting/Estimate Management

  • track quotation from leads, convert to work orders and then to invoices with a single click

  • track win/loss via integrated KPI's

Scheduling & Dispatch Management

  • Instantly know a technician's schedule at a glance

  • Technician dispatching can synchronised with their laptop via integrated vCalendar events

  • Customers can be advised via vCalendar events.

Service Contracts/Agreements Management

Please contact us for additional information on using VillageMall Sale Orders.