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WebLedger Professional Web-Based Accounting
Latest Service Enhancements

We have added some exciting new features and enhancements to the Web Ledger Service:
  • eBay Store integration, manage your eBay store from within Web Ledger
  • EDIFACT Orders, Support for version 96A Orders, over email RFC 1767
  • OECD SAF-T Audit, Support for version 1.0, 9 Sept 2005
  • ATO Review, Support for Version 1.1, 2nd Aug 2005.
  • Knowledge Base added knowledge base support to Issue manager.
  • Support for Super Choice legislation, support for tracking employee choice processing added to employee screens.
  • Drop Ship produce drop ship purchase orders for direct shipment to customer from supplier.
  • Fax gateway client and provider added to existing email, and SMS gateways. To support communication with non-internet based customers.
  • Production Order Processing: The Production Order module is the cornerstone of VillageMall's  Manufacturing Solution. It allows you to issue Production orders, develop schedules and track costs associated with the manufacturing process. Production Order provides you with complete control of the manufacturing process and the ability to see up-to-the-minute work in-process information. Production orders well-suited for companies engaged in-assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order or make-to-order processing. When Production Order is used in conjunction with Bill of Materials, the material required to produce a product can be automatically generated from the appropriate bill. All of the required paperwork to move the job through the shop can then be generated from each work order. Complete detailed real-time history information for all production orders can be displayed using Production Order History display.
  • Sales Order Processing: Striking the right balance between providing the best service and developing efficient and easy sales order procedures is a key factor in sales leadership.  You need a system with enough flexibility to provide superior customer service, while streamlining fulfilment operations.  VillageMall Sales Order gives you the power, flexibility and control you need to keep your competitive edge.  It will help you streamline ordering, picking, shipping and invoicing routines, and it provides real-time information you need to quickly process and ship orders.  Most important, Sales Order offers quick access to data you need to make the right decisions.
  • Web-CRM provides integrated Customer Relationship Management services to your company. "So what is CRM? It is about the interactions of the entire business with your customers." Only Web-CRM provides this close coupling with your core business processes, track customers from prospects, registration, accounting ( day to day business transactions), though to support with a common identical customer data. Web-CRM allows assignment and tracking of customer issues, including customer access to their issue in real-time. Web-CRM integrates account management across the various company activities. Web-CRM also supports company newsletters and email based order status updates. In short, Web-CRM delivers business results to small business owners, at  a fraction of the cost of stand alone systems.
  • Web-SMS TM fully integrated SMS text messaging. Improve customer service, with Web-SMS, from within Contacts, you can now click and send a SMS message. No more mobile phone keyboards, or looking up mobile phone numbers: One button does it all.

Future Service Enhancements

The following are a list of enhancements that are under consideration, or development by VillageMall:

  • Investment Manager track and  manage your shares/units/bond investments, including current price feed, fully integrated with Web Ledger Accounting. 
  • Rental Property Manager rental property has be come a common form investment. Rental Property manager allows you to manage multiple rental properties and including collecting the necessary compliance and tax information. 
  • Vertical Markets selected vertical market applications will be developed.

Because Web Ledger's accounting solution is a service rather than packaged software, you will see evolving functionality based on client feedback and the Australian business environment.  With Web Ledger, you never have to re-install or reconfigure any software. All of the enhancements are ready for you to use whenever you log on.

With these and other upcoming improvements, we hope you'll agree that there's no better way to run your business than with VillageMall business Solutions!